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Jodel DR.100 series aircraft restoration information

Always under construction ...

Original Paint Schemes

Logos, decals and stencils:

Although not used extensively on Jodels, correct logos and lettering enhance the overall appearance of any aircraft considerably. Therefore Uwe Malter has created the following logos from original patterns whereever possible. Some questions as to the accuracy of some the logos still remain (see individual descriptions), and any information to correct them is highly appreciated.

The logos are presented for download in various vector-oriented graphics formats, ready for supplying to your favorite shop doing decals and/or lettering for use by businesses on their company equipment/cars. The formats available so far are Corel Draw 6.0 and 8.0, Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and Postscript/EPS. If the shop of your choice needs a different format, send me an e-mail with your needs and I'll see what I can do.

Original panel layout and type and pictures of equipment installed

Instrument panels seem to come in quite a few variations. If no one with some inside informations turns up, it will probably be quite hard to find out exactly when during the series production the shape and layout of the instrument panel was changed. For the DR.1050 with O-200 engine, I know of three instrument panel styles so far. For the DR.1051 with Potez 4E20 engine, I know of only one style, but because this one resembles the one for the Continental installation from the same aircraft manual very closely, it can probably be assumed that the instrument panel layout was generally the same for O-200 and 4E20 versions, with only the type of equipment installed varying according to the needs of the engine.

Cockpit Interiors:

Lutz Gebhardt

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