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Jodel DR.100 series aircraft restoration information

Ratier company logo

This logo is applied to the blades of the Ratier 2446 propeller which can be used on the aircraft of the Jodel DR.100 series. It was used by the Ratier company until approx. 1964.

The source for this is an original decal on a damaged propeller, so both size and colours are correct. The white areas in the templates available for download below (Ratier lettering and the white circle) are gold-colored on the original decal.

Recreation of the Ratier logo decal. Click for bigger image.

The location of the decal on the Ratier propeller can be seen on the photo at right, taken from an ad by S.M. Nitzsche, the German Jodel dealer in the pre-Robin times, found in Aerokurier September issue 1963.

Jodel Sicile from an ad of S.M. Nitzsche in Aerokurier magazine Sept. 1963. Click for bigger image.


Use "Right Click/Save Link as" to download the templates!


Cutting templates to get logos made out of self-adhesive material:

And for other purposes:

Click for bigger preview.

Lutz Gebhardt

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