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Jodel DR.100 series aircraft restoration information

Placard inside the oil filler access cover

This placard was found on the inside of the oil filler access cover of OE-AOT/D-EAOT, s/n 147, a SAN-built DR.1050. Size and color of the placard are correct, only the inside of the letters, colored white in the downloadable templates below, is of gold color on the original decal. It is not known so far wether this placard was also used on CEA-built aircraft and if it was used throughout the complete production run at SAN and/or CEA. The position of the placard is obvious if you look at the image at right: it is centered horizontally on the reinforcement-X inside the cover and is placed vertically with the lower edge approximately at the end of the straight parts of the X's lower 'legs'.

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Cutting templates to get logos made out of self-adhesive material:

And for other purposes:

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Lutz Gebhardt

Created: Wed Jan 30 12:01:25 CET 2002
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