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Jodel DR.1050 and DR.1050-M1 Series Aircraft: Panel Layout & Equipment

Layout No. 1 - from F-BJLP s/n 25, built 1960

The following scan from a French version of the aircraft manual was kindly supplied by Jörg Spittler, owner of Jodel DR.1051-M1 F-BJLP s/n 25. The PDF versions are somewhat lower in quality (they are black & white, the Jpegs are greyscale), but the file sizes are also much smaller and they should be easier to print.

[b/w PDF, 42 kB]
1144x1750 Jpeg, 171 kB
Scan of the instrument panel layout page from the original French version of the aircraft manual for F-BJLP (s/n 25). Note the curved right-hand part of the panel.
DR.1050 and DR.1050-M1 Instrument Panel (Continental O-200)
No. Instrument Manufacturer
1 Inclinometer  
2 Magnetic Compass  
3 Altimeter  
4 Airspeed Indicator  
5 Tachometer  
6 Vertical Speed Indicator  
7 Oil Warning Light (Temperature/Pressure?)  
8 Fuse: Stall Warning  
9 Stall Warning Light  
10 Fuse: Instrument Panel  
11 Oil Test Button ??  
12 Fuse: Radio  
13 Front Tank Warning Light  
14 Fuel Pressure Warning Light  
15 Rear Tank Warning Light  
16 Alternator Warning Light  
17 Fuse: Alternator Circuit  
18 Switch Magneto 1  
19 Switch Magneto 2  
20 Parking Brake  
21 Throttle (Pilot)  
22 Carburetor Heat Lever  
23 Fuel Tank Selector  
24 Mixture Lever  
25 Starter Lever  
26 Master Switch  
27 Throttle (Co-Pilot)  
28 Oil Temperature Gauge  
29 Front Fuel Tank Gauge  
30 Cabin Heat Lever  
31 Fuel Pump Switch  
32 Rear Tank Fuel Gauge  
33 Generator Switch  
34 Amperemeter  

Layout No. 2 - from D-EAKM s/n 139, built 1961

[1640x1080 Jpeg, 202 kB]
1024x647 Jpeg, 122 kB
This framed type of instrument panel is also installed in D-EJIC, s/n 199, built 1961 by SAN.

Layout No. 3 - from D-EHIE s/n 291, built early 1962

[1600x1200 Jpeg, 110 kB]
800x600 Jpeg, 65 kB
This type of instrument panel is installed in my aircraft, D-EHIE, s/n 291, built 1962 by SAN. I think it is rather original in layout, although the location of some instruments has definitely been changed. There was no GPS and no digital EGT in 1962 ... Unfortunately I can not give more information at this time, as Heidi's original manual has not resurfaced yet. And ok, the 'joystick' is not very nice and has already been replaced with a more solid and original installation, ok?

Lutz Gebhardt

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