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Jodel DR.1051 and DR.1051-M1 Series Aircraft: Panel Layout & Equipment

The following scan from a French version of the aircraft manual was kindly supplied by Jörg Spittler, owner of Jodel DR.1051-M1 F-BJLP s/n 25. The PDF versions are somewhat lower in quality (they are black & white, the Jpegs are greyscale), but the file sizes are also much smaller and they should be easier to print.

[b/w PDF, 42 kB]
[2083x1177 Jpeg, 226 kB]
1144x1750 Jpeg, 175 kB
Jpeg approx 1024x700 pixel, 80 kB
Scan of the instrument panel layout page from the original French version of the aircraft manual for F-BJLP (s/n 25).
The instrument panel as reproduced by Jörg Spittler and Ekkehard Jene for F-BJLP in 1995, with some alterations compared to the drawing in the aircraft manual.
DR.1051 and DR.1051-M1 Instrument Panel (Potez 4E20)
No. Instrument Manufacturer
1 Inclinometer  
2 Magnetic Compass  
3 Altimeter  
4 Airspeed Indicator  
5 Tachometer  
6 Vertical Speed Indicator  
7 Oil Warning Light (Temperature/Pressure?)  
8 Fuse: Stall Warning  
9 Stall Warning Light  
10 Fuse: Instrument Panel  
11 Oil Test Button ??  
12 Fuse: Radio  
13 Front Tank Warning Light  
14 Fuel Pressure Warning Light  
15 Rear Tank Warning Light  
16 Alternator Warning Light  
17 Fuse: Alternator Circuit  
18 Battery Switch  
19 Generator Switch (compare no. 34 ??)  
20 Parking Brake  
21 Throttle (Pilot)  
22 Cabin Heat Lever  
23 Ignition Separation Switch ??  
24 Fuel Tank Selector  
25 Starter Lever  
26 Master Switch  
27 Carburetor Heat Lever  
28 Throttle (Co-Pilot)  
29 Oil Temperature Gauge  
30 Front Fuel Tank Gauge  
31 Primer Pump  
32 Fuel Pump Switch  
33 Rear Tank Fuel Gauge  
34 Generator Switch (compare no. 19 ??)  
35 Amperemeter  

Lutz Gebhardt

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