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Jodel DR.100 series aircraft restoration information

SAN company logo

Over the time of its existence, SAN used three different company logos as far as we could find out so far. The exact dates between the switch in the logo used resp. the correct combination between aircraft serial number and logo could not be established with great certainty so far. If anyone has sources or better information so this question could be solved, I would appreciate hearing about it!

On another note: it is entirely possible that some aircraft were delivered without a company logo attached. When Uwe talked to the first owner of his aircraft, Ing. Kurt Chabeck, he noted that he is quite sure that there was no company logo on the aircraft when it was delivered. If this was an accident or if there was a time at SAN when no logo was applied is also not known so far.

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First logo, probably used from the beginnings of SAN until approx. mid-1961

This logo can be seen on many of the early SAN-built aircraft, especially D.117's, but for example also on the Jodel D.140 prototype F-BIZE (s/n 01, first flight 04 July 1958) and Jodel DR.100 F-BIVT (s/n 61, first flight July 1959). This logo was traced from a b&w copy obtained by Uwe from the Musee de l'Air, so original size and colors are yet undetermined.

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Jodel D.140 F-BIZE (s/n 01) ([Miette], p. 112)

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Jodel DR.100 F-BIVT (s/n 61) ([Miette], p. 105)

Cutting templates to get logos made out of self-adhesive material:

And for other purposes:

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The intermediate logo, used only for a short period

This logo is barely recognizable on the tail of Jodel D.140 F-BIZO (first flight June 1961) and resembles the logo on the letter which the buyer of Jodel DR.1050 D-EHIE received in January 1962 to tell him that his aircraft is ready for delivery. The logo from this letter can be seen at right.

This logo is not yet available for download.

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Jodel D.140 F-BIZO (s/n 63) ([Miette], p. 114)

Last logo, used from approx. June 1962 until the company ceased operations in 1968

This logo was already used on the prototype Mascaret (F-BJST, see picture at right), which made its maiden flight in June of 1962. The switch between this version of the logo and the previous one therefore must have occurred sometime between June 1961 (first flight of F-BIZO with logo no. 2) and June 1962 (first flight of F-BJST with logo no. 3).

Click for LARGE image (495 kB)
Jodel D.150 F-BJST
([Massé96], p. 96)

The source for this is an unused original decal, so both size and colour are correct. It is important to note that the logos on the left and right side of the rudder are not identical - the arrow points forward on both sides.

Scan of an original SAN decal. Click for bigger image.

Cutting templates to get logos made out of self-adhesive material:

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And for other purposes:

Lutz Gebhardt

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