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1962 Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur D-EHIE - Historical Information

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Purchase, delivery and certification in Germany

Statement of Import Original Weight & Balance Sheet, front Original Weight & Balance Sheet, back The aircraft is declared ready for delivery by the factory
Fig. 1 Fig. 2a Fig. 2b Fig. 3

Rudolf Hiendl, owner of a furniture store in Passau (at least at the time), signed a contract to buy a 'three seat sport aircraft' on 16 December 1961. The dealer through which he had ordererd the aircraft, S. M. Nitzsche of Neuburg/Donau, signed a 'Statement of Import' on 10 January 1962 (see Fig. 1). This form states that the aircraft will be delivered no later than 1 April 1962 for a price of DM 30,000.

After the weight and balance and equipment list (see Fig. 2a/b (Vorderseite, Rückseite)) had been prepared on 26 January 1962, Madame P. Querey (the widow of S.A.N. founder Lucien Querey) signs a statement on 2 February 1962 that the "aircraft Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur No 291 D-EHIE" is ready for being handed over to the purchaser at the the airport of Bernay, the Aerodrome de Saint-Martin, France (see Fig. 3). One day before, Mr. Hiendl applied for registration of his newly acquired aircraft in Germany with the LBA at Braunschweig (see Fig. 4).

Application for Registration Application for Inspection Preliminary Flight Approval ('Ferry Permit') Inspection Certificate
Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7

On 6 February 1962 Mr Nitzsche applies for inspection of the aircraft with the "Prüfstelle für Luftfahrtgerät Bayern" (Inspection Bureau for Air Vehicles, Bavaria office) which is necessary in order to get the initial German registration (see Fig. 5). On this form, it is stated that the aircraft will be available for inspection from 15 February 1962 at the airport in München-Riem. On 8 February 1962, a provisional flight approval is issued by the LBA (see Fig. 6). The inspection documentation was prepared between 8 and 12 March 1962 after the aircraft had been flown to Vilshofen (EDMV) on or before 15 February 1962, and the Inspection Certificate (see Fig. 7) was issued 12 March 1962. At the time, the aircraft had about 10 flight hours.

Operating instructions present at that time were:

All these documents seem to have vanished over time, i. e. they are not in my possession today. When new, the aircraft was equipped as follows:

Jodel DR.1050 D-EHIE s/n 291 Initial Equipment
Description Manufacturer/Type Serial Number
Engine Continental O-200A 2474, built 1961
Propeller Ratier 2446 2456
Radio/Nav Equipment none installed  

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