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Jodel DR.100 series aircraft restoration information

Original Paint Schemes

DR.1050 Ambassadeur (SAN-built)

The following pictures are mostly of Uwe Malters' DR.1050 D-EAKM s/n 139. The aircraft was overhauled in 1994 to near-original condition. The shape and location of the pinstripes was found under the then-current color coat and traced to paper so that the pinstriping could be re-applied in its original layout after recovering the aircraft.

The photos I took myself are scanned from slide film, but unfortunately not with a dedicated slide scanner but a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6300C flatbed scanner with slide adapter. Although the optical resolution of the scanner is 1200 dpi, it seems to have some difficulties with darker picture areas which result in the sometimes poor quality of the scans. Once I can afford a slide scanner, the pictures will be exchanged for better quality ones ...

D-EAKM in 1970 in its original color scheme

1.) This is D-EAKM still with its factory-applied color-scheme in 1970. Although it looks like the colors are white with red pinstriping, Uwe Malter told me that the pinstriping was actually brown. The color in the picture is due to color-fading of the 30 year old AGFA paper print from which it was scanned. Interesting in this picture apart from the general layout of the paint scheme are the small registration numbers on the fuselage which became finally illegal in Germany sometime in the early eighties. There are also some minor differences to the paint scheme that is now on D-EAKM which I will point out in the detail pictures of the current paint scheme which follow below. This picture courtesy Uwe Malter.

Picture in 800x501 pixels (46 kB)
Picture in 1458x914 pixels (102 kB)
D-EAKM at Bad Windsheim Taildragger Fly-In 17/18 June 2000

2.) Current general appearance of D-EAKM since after the major airframe overhaul in 1995.

Picture in 1024x672 pixels (130 kB)
Picture in 1640x1076 pixels (220 kB)
D-EAKM Wheelpant Stripe

3.) The pinstriping on the forward part of the fuselage of D-EAKM. The top end of the white stripe coincides with the lower end of the top cowling and goes approx. parallel to this edge to the vertical tailplane/rudder. The lower end of the bottom red stripe is located approximately at the lower end of the propeller spinner. Not original in this picture is the color of the Ambassadeur logo, which was applied in black and gold at the factory (but Uwe only got to know this after the restoration was finished).

The white stripe at the wing leading edge is constant in thickness until it turns around the wingtip, where it gradually thins to zero in front of the aileron (this can't be seen in the picture). Width of this and the red stripe below and above the wing will be supplied once I have this information.

Picture in 1024x669 pixels (121 kB)
Picture in 1640x1072 pixels (213 kB)
An unknown Jodel DR.1050 ready for Trans Sahara at the Aerodrome de Bechar in Algeria on 29 Oct 1969

4.) Although this seems to be a Sicile judging from the wheelpants and the cowling, the color scheme is standard Ambassadeur-like, apart from the wheelpants. Another minor difference which can be seen upon close comparison between picture 3.) and the one of D-EAKM in 1970 (picture 1.) is the color of the glasfiber fairing between the wing root at the leading edge and the fuselage. This should be painted in the same color as the pinstriping with the exception of the area where the white stripe from the wing leading edge meets the fairing. This area can be seen pretty well in this picture 5.
Other parts of the color scheme on this aircraft might not be original, especially the dark color on the vertical tail/rudder, unless this was changed when the Sicile was introduced. On the other hand, most pictures indicate that the Sicile has a completely different paint scheme.
I found this picture on; it was taken by Rudolf Fehlhaber.

Picture in 900x423 pixels (43 kB)
D-EAKM Empennage Color Scheme

5.) The pinstriping on the empennage of D-EAKM, also traced from the originally applied factory paint scheme. Originally, the two stripes alongside the fuselage go through from cowling to tail. This could not be followed on D-EAKM during the rebuild due to the requirement of 12 inch high registration numbers. The distance between the two stripes is constant (exact value will follow), and they both taper towards minimal thickness at the end of the rudder.

Picture in 1024x673 pixels (109 kB)
Picture in 1636x1076 pixels (190 kB)
D-EAKM Wheelpant Stripe

6.) The pinstriping on the wheelpant of D-EAKM, traced from the originally applied factory paint scheme.

Picture in 1024x673 pixels (109 kB)
Picture in 1636x1076 pixels (190 kB)

Lutz Gebhardt

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