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What's new in the DR.100 series registration list? - Year 2000

In the list below I have compiled the changes and additions to the list so that 'frequent' visitors can easily check what's new. Most of the time, I will also include part or all of the new information with links to pictures etc. where appropriate. This page has only become necessary thanks to the many e-mails I received with new information to be added to the list. Thanks to all contributors!

Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 11 as of 08 November 2000

Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 72 as of 19 Oct 2000
Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 79 as of 19 Sep 2000
Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 80 as of 13 Sep 2000
Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 86 as of 02 Jun 2000

Dates on which information about a previously unaccounted for serial number(s) was added to the list are written in bold face.

DR.100 Series Registration List History
Date Change
30 Dec 2000 Received a nice e-mail from Walter Popelier with details about his Jodel DR.1050 M1 Sicile Record OO-IPZ (s/n 2), the oldest Jodel still flying. For more details see the list entry for this aircraft.
18 Dec 2000 Added information from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch on the incident with G-ATGP on 9 Sep. 2000. Aircraft seems to be mostly destroyed, but fortunately the two occupants were not hurt.
21 Nov 2000 Received information about owner and home base of D-ETOI (s/n 483) from Frederic Hvala.
14 Nov 2000 Made some corrections to the list which I received 11.11.2000 from David Wise, mainly type corrections (1051 instead of 1050 and vice versa).
13 Nov 2000 Received some detail info and photo of G-BGBE (s/n 260) from owners J. A. & B. Mawby, who operate the aircraft from Graverly Airfield near Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK.
10 Nov 2000 Added previous owners to D-EDNF (s/n 34) and D-EJFR (s/n 406), both of which are still flying today.
09 Nov 2000 Today, I received more detailed information from Robin Sauvary about the demise of three French-registered aircraft in the late sixties: F-BJLM (s/n 12), F-BJLO (s/n 14) and F-BJNE (s/n 146). He noted that with French aircraft, if the Certificate of Airworthiness is suspended, this is usually an indication of an accident having occurred the day before the suspension. S/n 12 and 14 are such cases, the Certificate of Airworthiness of s/n 146 simply expired. Later, more info came about F-BKPT (s/n 342), F-BLAJ (s/n 348), G-AYEA (s/n 369), F-BKHN (s/n 383), F-BKHO (s/n 384) and F-BKHV (s/n 395).
08 Nov 2000 Second highly refined and extended edition of the DR.100 series list goes online.
20 Oct 2000
08 Nov 2000
Shortly after I got to know the German registration lists by Brugier and Lenton, I was contacted by David Wise, who offered to mail me his DR.100 series production list. It too contained a wealth of information, all the long-searched for German Jodels, additional dates and details and last but not least 9 serial numbers previously unaccounted for. These are:
PH-LUX (s/n 84),
OE-AKI (s/n 95),
SE-CWA (s/n 120),
SE-CWB, LN-RTI (s/n 164),
OH-JOA (s/n 203),
OH-JOB (s/n 204),
F-ZWVY (s/n 252),
F-BHQP (s/n 538),
TS-YGH (s/n 604).
Now 17 serial numbers with unknown registration remain. 6 of those (s/n 495 to s/n 500) were allocated to SAN for production, but they were either not built or not finished after the company ceased to exist rather abruptly. Regarding the remaining 11 'missing' aircraft,
s/n 7, 22, 137, 138, 159, 167, 205, 388 to 391,
David Wise, an expert from Air-Britain has the following to say:
"Of the twelve missing ones, they did not appear in any country in Europe, which are all well documented. It is possible they were exported to countries for which there are no published records. It is possible that examples may have gone to the French military for various reasons (e.g. possibly for evaluation at CEV?). It is possible that serial numbers were allocated to spare fuselages built to repair damaged aircraft. It is most likely that they failed a manufacturing quality check and were discarded before completion."
S/n 352 is known to have existed (registration was cancelled 1963), but not which registration it was.
On 5 Nov 2000 Robin Sauvary e-mailed me also with a production list of DR.100 series aircraft. He had started the list many years ago together with his friend David Wise, so it was not surprising that the two lists were almost identical, although David's was the more up-to-date one. Nevertheless, a huge thank you also goes to Robin!
20 Oct 2000
08 Nov 2000
In the same e-mail, Pete also mentioned that there is someone else maintaining some German Register files: David Lenton's "Almost" Complete German Register. The same evening, John Walton also wrote and mentioned this source for German Register information. I had searched for months for such information without success, and now there it was, waiting to be used! Lenton's list contained all the entries I had just added from Brugier's files, but in addition 15 aircraft which had not been listed by Brugier:
D-EAAR (s/n 373),
D-EANI (s/n 490),
D-EBFA (s/n 263),
D-EBRI (s/n 461),
D-ECIR (s/n 188),
D-ECUS (s/n 183),
D-EGBI (s/n 361),
D-EGJB (s/n 23),
D-EGWW (s/n 456),
D-EHHA (s/n 375),
D-EJAZ (s/n 109),
D-EJEF (s/n 198),
D-ELAA (s/n ?),
D-ELLU (s/n 156),
D-EMNG (s/n ?),
David Lenton's list also contained more detail about the aircraft than Brugier's table, namely the dates of the first registration in Germany and the dates of eventual accidents, registration cancellations etc.
20 Oct 2000
08 Nov 2000
In a following e-mail, Pete mentioned that Pascal Brugier has German Register Files available, but that they are not accessible directly via links from his webpage. After retrieving the files (see my page about registration information), I added the information contained in these files to my list. 36 heretofore unknown DR.100 series aircraft with German registration could be found there, in addition to some updates about the aircraft already known. The new ones were:
D-EAHR (s/n 372),
D-EAHW (s/n 363),
D-EARL (s/n 483),
D-EAVL (s/n 360),
D-EBAR (s/n 182),
D-EBCC (s/n 488),
D-EBGU (s/n 270),
D-EBIB (s/n 184),
D-EBMI (s/n 353),
D-EBMM (s/n 472),
D-ECEA (s/n 620),
D-EDRO (s/n 367),
D-EDUG (s/n 186),
D-EFDD (s/n 486),
D-EFLA (s/n 271),
D-EFTS (s/n 397),
D-EFVW (s/n 290),
D-EFYG (s/n 58),
D-EGBA (s/n 280),
D-EGBO (s/n 367),
D-EGVD (s/n 269),
D-EHJS (s/n 358),
D-EHMZ (s/n 485),
D-EHPA (s/n 285),
D-EHSS (s/n 452),
D-EHYQ (s/n 129),
D-EIAP (s/n 356),
D-EIBN (s/n 374),
D-EKIG (s/n 108),
D-ELHH (s/n 463),
D-EMMG (s/n 371),
D-EMUA (s/n 630),
D-EMUE (s/n 359),
D-ENEX (s/n 266),
D-ENFE (s/n 381),
D-EOEN (s/n 623).
19 Oct 2000 The same e-mail from Pete also gave details about a couple of German-registered aircraft, for which I previously had no serial number:
D-ECEB (s/n 174),
D-EDRE (s/n 364),
D-EKAZ (s/n 104),
D-EJEE (s/n 487),
D-EJYT (s/n 200),
D-ELSO (s/n 396),
D-ENWW (s/n 491).
Because I was now able to match these aircraft with their serial numbers, there are 7 fewer serial numbers left for which no information at all is know to me at this time. Many thanks to Pete for this valuable information!
19 Oct 2000 Today I received a short but very interesting e-mail from Pete, giving details about the fate of many DR.1050 which were once on the British register. The following aircraft are no longer registered due to various reasons (mainly accidents), some of which he mentioned in his e-mail. For details see the respective entry of the aircraft:
G-ASMB (s/n 127),
G-AVIU (s/n 134),
G-AVGJ (s/n 265),
G-AVTH (s/n 243),
G-AYEA (s/n 369),
G-AYEK (s/n 282),
G-AYEV (s/n 179),
G-AYMT (s/n 454),
G-AXUY (s/n 51),
G-AXUE (s/n 59),
G-AZAH (s/n 580),
G-AZHO (s/n 157),
G-BAMW (s/n 278),
G-BCVX (s/n 132),
G-BGXX (s/n 592),
G-BKWF (s/n 245),
G-BTIW (s/n 618),
G-LAZE (s/n 172).
17 Oct 2000 Received two new pictures of Jodel DR.1050 D-EDUV (s/n 187) from its owner, Stefan Kühlbrey. The aircraft is based at Kornwestheim glider field (Pattonville) near Stuttgart, Germany
17 Oct 2000 Found Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur G-ARXT s/n 355 mentioned on Andy Hutchings Blast of the Past - May/June 1963 web site: aircraft visited Woolsington airport on 4 June 1963. Also Jodel DR.1050-M Excellence F-BLJS (s/n 478) was mentioned as having "flown up from La Boulle to Woolsington for an exchange visit ..." on 16 May 1965.
16 Oct 2000 Jodel DR.1050M Excellence G-ATLB s/n 78 for sale. Got some new information about the aircraft from the description on Hans Teijgeler's For-Sale Page on (see under Marketplace).
08 Oct 2000 While surfing the web, Hans Teijgeler found a reference to Jodel DR.1050 D-EDRE, which visited the northern part of the UK on 10 August 1964. The registration number D-EDRE in not currently in the DR.100 series list, so I can't match it to a serial number, i.e. the current status or location of the aircraft is unknown. I added the aircraft at the end of the list (together with many others without known serial number) and also to the Unknown Aircraft page.
06 Oct 2000 I found new but unfortunately sad information while checking Keith Halliday's September 2000 British Register Update: It seems that G-ATGP (s/n 122), first registered in the UK in 1965, crashed on take-off from Shobdon Airfield on 10 September 2000. Currently I have no information about possible injuries of the occupant(s), but let's hope that they weren't hurt. The aircraft is a possible write-off, but again, let's hope that it will be rebuild to flying condition.
05 Oct 2000 Another hint from Hans Teijgeler, this time about DR.1050 I-JUKY (s/n 293). Aircraft seems to have a new home base and owner (son of previous owner ??). I-JUKY is one of only five DR.100 series aircraft in Italy I know of.
04 Oct 2000 New information from Hans Teijgeler: First, about Jodel DR.1050 D-ETOI (s/n 483) and second Jodel DR.1050 D-???? (s/n 128) of which the registration mark is yet unknown. S/n 128 was up for sale in March 1999 by Mr. Jaborsky, and the aircraft was stationed at EDMG (near Augsburg) at the time. S/n 128 was previously unaccounted for.
29 Sep 2000 Late today, I received a very nice and detailed e-mail from Peter Lindberg, the co-owner of Jodel DR.1050 SE-XDF (s/n 222) with Tomas Pira since summer 2000. In his e-mail (which also included a picture of XDF on skis!), he told many interesting details about the history of his aircraft - check out the entry for s/n 222 for all the details.
29 Sep 2000 Frederic Hvala sent me some information on Jodel DR.1050 D-ELMN (s/n 437), which he acquired recently with his friend Kai Schülter. S/n 437 was built in 1963 by SAN and is now based at Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) in Germany.
19 Sep 2000 Jürgen Esser, co-owner of Jodel DR.1050 D-EATN (s/n 451) sent me information on his newly acquired aircraft, previously unaccounted for in my list. She was built in 1963 and will be based at the Dahlemer Binz (EDKV) in Germany.
18 Sep 2000 When Örn Johnson sent an e-mail to the Jodel Discussion List, he included a link to Runar´s Icelandic Aircraft Web. There I found new info and a picture on the sole DR.1050 in Iceland, Árni Sigvaldason's TF-ULV s/n 119.
17 Sep 2000 From Dave Thomas by e-mail on 17 September 2000: "Accident [with G-AYLF s/n 547] this week at Fenland Airfield, Lincs, UK. Undercarriage bent, possibly some damage to wing, but spar looks OK. Damage to rear port fuselage longeron behind wing, along with bottom and port ply covering. Rear cowl broke, along with air intake spider, sump, air intake etc. Prop broke, engine shock loaded. We await to see if its rebuilt."
13 Sep 2000 Today, Herbert Jösch kindly e-mailed me the serial number of Max and Brigitte Waldmann's Jodel DR.100 D-EFTS: s/n 362. The entry for this serial number was empty before, so there is one more aircraft now which is known to be alive.
11 Sep 2000 News from the owners of another early Jodel: DR.1050-M1 Sicile Record F-BJLP (s/n 25) is owned by Joanne E. Stocker and Jörg Spittler in Rheinhessen, Germany - despite the French registration. The aircraft was damaged in a fire and they are currently busy repairing the damage. They are looking for a right cockpit door and rubber elements for the main gear spring system.
06 Sep 2000 Received new info from Dave Thomas about several Jodels: A picture from around 1980 and the accident report of G-AWEN's (s/n 67) crash in August of 1983, about a new DR.1050-M1 homebuilt on the British register (G-BYFM, PFA/304-13237) and also some info on his own project, a DR.1050-200-250 combination (SAB plans s/n 871) to be registered G-DAST using the (modified) fuselage of G-AWEN and parts of the gear of G-BLRJ.
04 Sep 2000 New info from Michael D. Mold about Chris Fitton's aircraft: "G-JWIV (s/n 431) is being rebuilt by Chris Fitton and is almost ready to be moved from his workshop to Watchford Farm in Devon (SW England) for re-assembly. He also has G-ARRD (s/n 274) which he re-built as a two-seater a few years ago and a picture appears on Hans T's website. This machine also has a Potez engine and cruises at 120kts @ 2,500 rpm which is significantly faster than others of its type as far as we know."
04 Sep 2000 New pictures from Wayne Kilner's Jodel Picture Gallery, this time of Roland Lebermann's DR.1050-M1 Sicile Record HB-EUO (s/n 625), Pierre-Alain Ruffieux Jodel DR.1051 HB-EBZ (s/n 426), Bruno Spagnoli's Jodel DR.100A F-BIVI (s/n 65) and of F-PCRT (s/n 772, homebuilt), all taken at the Castelnau (France) Fly-In 26/27 August 2000, of J.W.Scott's Jodel DR.1050 G-AYEH, s/n 455, taken at Baxterley, UK, and D. Streets' Jodel DR.1051 Sicile G-AYGD (s/n 515) which is back flying after a minor landing accident in June 1999.
04 Sep 2000 Corrected multiple instances of misidentified Jodels where Jodel DR.1050-M or DR.1051-M Excellence (SAN-built, angular fairing between fuselage and vertical tail) were designated as DR.1050-M1 or DR.1051-M1 Sicile Record (CEA-built, rounded fairing between fuselage and vertical tail) and vice-versa. Thanks to Mike Wylde for getting me straight on this matter.
01 Sep 2000 Added picture to entries for Georg Klein's DR.1050 D-ECZC (s/n 28) and Erich Siebentritt's DR.1050-M1 D-EYAS (s/n 834, homebuilt). I took the pictures on 1 July 2000 at the Nordenbeck, Germany (EDGN) Jodel Fly-In.
01 Sep 2000 More news from Trevor Kellett: apparently EI-ARW (s/n 118) crashed sometime back when its wheels hit a wall after a carb ice induced landing. Sadly one more 1050 that's probably gone forever.
30 Aug 2000 Updated the entries of the following DR.100 series aircraft: G-ARRE (s/n 275), G-AZWF (s/n 130), G-AZAD (s/n 501) with information taken from the British Register Update maintained by Keith Halliday.
30 Aug 2000 News from Trevor Kellett, owner/operator of DR.1050 G-AYJA (s/n 150). The aircraft is based at Navan Airfield, Ireland, is in great condition and flies approximately 100 hours per year.
30 Aug 2000 Added picture to entry for D-EOHP, s/n 297, supplied by Hans Teijgeler. Thanks Hans!
29 Aug 2000 Received updated info on G-BIOI (s/n 477) from Dave Thomas. The aircraft was re-engined with an O-200 instead of the original Potez and converted to a 2-seater. It also has a new owner since sometime between January 2000 and now.
28 Aug 2000 Added owner (Leo Kort, since 2/2000) and home base (Karlshöfen (EDWK), Germany) to entry for D-EOHP, s/n 297, supplied by Hans Teijgeler.
28 Aug 2000 The 'mystery' about the identical serial number 494 of D-EDWW and F-BOPC is solved! After research by Rudolf Fehlhaber, it turned out that D-EDWW actually is s/n 464, so it is now safe to assume that F-BOPC actually is s/n 494. Because the entry for s/n 464 did not contain any info previous to this discovery, there is now one less Jodel 'ghost aircraft'!
28 Aug 2000 Added year of construction to DR.1051 G-JWIV, s/n 431, which is currently under restoration with a Potez engine taken from G-AVCB (s/n 411) by C. M. Fitton as reported by Michael D. Mold.
28 Aug 2000 Added a picture and some info on G-AVHL, s/n 90, for sale on Hans Teijgelers' since 26 June 2000 by Vic D. Long.
28 Aug 2000 Added two high-resolution pictures of F-BMGK, s/n 572, received August 15 from its owner Pierre Duval. Thanks Pierre!
28 Aug 2000 Added info on F-BLJN, s/n 474, taken from the "for sale" ad on Hans Teijgelers'
28 Aug 2000 On August 9, I received information from Herbert Jösch about the Jodel DR.1050/51 with the serial number 210, based in Marburg-Schönstadt (EDFN), Germany. Registration D-E?OS or D-E?OL.
28 Aug 2000 On August 6, I received information from Dave Thomas about the picture of a crashed 1050/51 in a lorry: It is DR.1051 G-BLRJ, c/n 502. Info and picture added/moved to the entry for this serial number. Dave Thomas is using some parts of the wreck to a DR.200 replica to be registered G-DAST. The remaining structure of the airframe (minus engine) is now owned by Dave Shipton of Peterborough, UK. Dave also sent some info on an early DR.100/DR.1050, G-AWEN, c/n 67, which crashed in 1985 at Crosland Moor airfield, UK. Dave is now also the owner of the remaining parts of this aircraft.
19 Jul 2000 Received more information about D-EDWW from Rudolf Fehlhaber. According to the last logbook he has in his possession, the aircraft's s/n was 494. Unfortunately, this number was given to an Excellance registered as F-BOPC Pascal Brugier's International Aircraft Register. As the logbook for D-EDWW is pretty firm proof, I suspect that there is a mistake in Brugiers' list regarding the serial number of F-BOPC. Does anyone happen to know the correct serial number?
18 Jul 2000 Today I received information from José Vandamme about the current owner and location of OO-IPZ, the oldest surviving aircraft of the Jodel DR.100 series (s/n 2 !!).
13 Jul 2000 Added entry for DR.1051 D-EJYT, which is one of the aircraft in the 'Unknown Aircraft List'. I received the information via e-mail from Rudolf Fehlhaber (his homepage), who ferried the aircraft from Niedermendig, Germany via France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Niger to Togo in western Africa, a total distance of 6500 km/3510 nm (route). The serial number of the aircraft or what happened to it in Togo is not surprisingly still unknown. Hints ???
Rudolf Fehlhaber also supplied new information about D-EDWW (s/n unknown), and it seems that this aircraft was destroyed around 1969/70 (see also the 'Unknown Aircraft List').
12 Jul 2000 Added entry for DR.1050 D-EFTS, for which I do not yet have the the serial number. The aircraft is based at Kempten-Durach (EDMK). I took the picture on 1 July 2000 at the Nordenbeck, Germany (EDGN) Jodel Fly-In.
12 Jul 2000 Added picture of Edwin Knauss' DR.1050 D-EJIC, s/n 199, which I took 1 July 2000 at Bad Ditzenbach Airport (EDPB).
10 Jul 2000 Today I received an e-mail from Julian Carter with information about the 'life' and current state of DR.1050 G-ATEV (s/n 18). The aircraft has not flown since 1969 and is currently being rebuilt under PFA permit by Julian and a friend. The aircraft will be equipped with the Wilksch Diesel Engine! For more info see entry for s/n 18.
05 Jul 2000 New information about HB-EBM s/n 446 (owned by Job Luc) from Hans Teijgeler. Aircraft is apparently flying again since about 1995/96 - with Potez engine and CS-prop! Updated entry accordingly and returned aircraft to flying status.
05 Jul 2000 Updated work progress status of the three Swedish Jodel DR.100 series aircraft under restoration (SE-XFL s/n 83, SE-XMY s/n 363, SE-XRA s/n 460) after I found out that EAA Sweden's status page was updated 29 June 2000.
05 Jul 2000 New DR.1050 with German registration added to the list: D-ECEB, but registration number not yet known. See the 'Unknown Jodel Aircraft' page for pictures. I photographed this aircraft on 17 June 2000 at the Bad Windsheim, Germany (EDGN) Taildragger Fly-In.
04 Jul 2000 Also during Cranfield PFA Rally 2000, the owner of Jodel D120 Paris Nice G-BANU Wayne Kilner was able to get photos of 10 of the 23 Jodel DR.100 series aircraft in attendence. The pictures of these aircraft (G-BHOL, G-BFBA, OO-OSM, G-BXYJ, G-AXUK, G-ATWA, G-BYFM, G-AYKD, G-ARXT, G-ATJA) were added to the respective list entries. Thanks for letting me use the pictures, Wayne!
29 Jun 2000 In the past, I have already found a lot of information on DR.100 series aircraft from Kevin Ross' and Chris Busby' Website 'Aardvark-Aviation'. So was again the case for the Cranfield PFA Rally 2000. In the attendence list they compiled, I could find information about 23 participating DR.100 series aircraft - 22 from the UK and one from Belgium. For these aircraft, I was able to update their home base info and in one case (G-ATJA) return the aircraft from 'unknown' to 'flying' status.
29 Jun 2000 New information about G-JWBB (s/n 534) from an e-mail by Hans Teijgelers to the Jodel Discussion List on June 29, 2000.
28 Jun 2000 While browsing through Hans Teijgelers', I found additional interesting information about ZK-JOD, s/n 350, in an article by Frank Rogers about 'The Jodel Story'.
27 Jun 2000 Got info about D-EABT (s/n 209) from a mail to the Jodel Discussion List by its owner and new list member Herbert Joesch. In his e-mail, he also mentioned another DR.1050: a very early example, D-ECZC, s/n 28, owned by Georg Klein! It seems to be under restoration, so I have updated the list accordingly.
25 Jun 2000 First "live" information about the whereabouts of OE-AOT (s/n 147) supplied by Gerald Völk. Apparently, the plane has been grounded by the Austrian Aviation Authorities due to age of the engine (27 years, but still 700 hours until TBO). Gerald also sent a couple of good pictures of HB-EEN (which he took at his "home base" Wels Airport), of which there were previously no photos available.
23 Jun 2000 Found D-EASW (s/n 131) on a trip to Saarlouis-Düren (EDRJ). Plane is white with red stripes and has Sicile wheelpants as well as a very good instrumented panel. Unfortunately, I could not get a photo this time, but because this airport is pretty close to my parents' home, I will get one sooner or later.
20 Jun 2000 Up-to-date info about OO-OSM's (s/n 113) owner and home base supplied by Hans Teijgeler.
20 Jun 2000 D-EKMA (s/n 380) sold 9 June 2000 to new owners - updated entry accordingly. New home base is Kempten-Durach (EDMK), Germany.
14 Jun 2000 Got a few pictures of DR.100 series aircraft from Søren Andersen (F-PYHO, F-BLJN, F-BLRN, F-PGGT and OO-VDV, each about 150 to 200 kByte). Most of them were taken at Epinal in 1999. F-BLJN (s/n 474), F-BLRN (s/n 514) and F-PGGT (s/n 742) now are for the first time represented with pictures on the list. Another aircraft (SE-XDF, s/n 222) is reportedly also alive and well.
13 Jun 2000 Received information from Bruno Spagnoli about his DR.100A, s/n 65, F-BIVI, which is stationed at Bagneres-de-Luchon (LFCB), in the French Pyrenees. He had some interesting observations about the differences between the DR.100A and the later DR.1050/51 models to report, which I included in the remarks field for his aircraft in the list.
01 Jun 2000 Was at Bad Ditzenbach airport (EDPB), where my Jodel D-EHIE will be based. There is another DR.1050 there, D-EJIC, s/n 199 for which I had had no serial number prior to this visit, i.e. s/n 199 was previously unaccounted for!
31 May 2000 Received an e-mail from Alan Jackson which stated that he is the new owner of DR.1050 OO-VDV s/n 46 as of 5 April 2000. The aircraft will be moved from Moorsele Airfield, Belgium to Peterborough Sibson (EGSP) in the UK and is about to be re-registered as G-IOSO.
31 May 2000 Received information from Uwe Malter about another DR.1050, D-EHKA, s/n 476, owned by Dr. Thomas Fath and based at Herzogenaurach (EDHQ), Germany. This s/n was previously unaccounted for!
26 May 2000 Received an e-mail from Mike Wylde about DR.1050, G-BHZM, s/n 264. This aircraft was written off in 1984 by its last owner, Mike Wylde's father.
22 May 2000 Received information from Hans Teijgeler about a DR.1050, D-EAFC, s/n 111. This s/n was previously unaccounted for, but I had an entry without s/n for PH-ONE, which is an earlier registration of s/n 111. So this information solved the empty line for s/n 111 and the unknown s/n for PH-ONE!
Hans did also sent some information on Jodel DR.1050 F-BKIJ, s/n 305, which was put up for sale on his web pages. At the moment, this aircraft is still owned by the Aeroclub de Douhai, Aérodrome de Vitry en Artois (LFQS) at Brebières, France.
16 May 2000 Received information from Pierre Duval about a DR.1050-M1, F-BMGL, s/n 576, owned by Jean Philippe Chivot and based at Abbeville, France.
16 May 2000 Received information and picture from Søren Andersen about an early DR.1050 F-BJOV, s/n 24. According to Søren, this is a 100% original Ambassadeur in good and flying condition. Søren also sent information about another DR.1051, F-BKHQ, s/n 386, which is currently disassembled and stored in France. Status of this aircraft was previously unknown. Unfortunately, Søren also had to report that his own DR.1050 OY-GPD was destroyed in a storm in December 1999.
16 May 2000 My web site goes online
31 Jan 2000 Registration list started. Over the next couple of weeks, I collected most of the information from various Internet sources like aircraft registration databases and accident reports of different countries as well as vintage aircraft lists, spotters sites and airshow reports.

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