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What's new in the DR.100 series registration list?

In the list below I have compiled the changes and additions to the list so that 'frequent' visitors can easily check what's new. Most of the time, I will also include part or all of the new information with links to pictures etc. where appropriate. This page has only become necessary thanks to the many e-mails I received with new information to be added to the list. Thanks to all contributors!

Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 11 as of 08 November 2000

Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 72 as of 19 Oct 2000
Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 79 as of 19 Sep 2000
Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 80 as of 13 Sep 2000
Number of production aircraft not accounted for: 86 as of 02 Jun 2000

Dates on which information about a previously unaccounted for serial number(s) was added to the list are written in bold face.

DR.100 Series Registration List History
Date Change
22 Sep 2003 News from Jodel DR.1050 SE-XRA, s/n 460: this plane was exported from Germany to Sweden in 1988. It seems that it was restored there by Jan Sterner and registered in the experimental category. Later it found its way somehow to Sten-Anders Fellman, who is the current owner. I received an e-mail from him today. He who would like to sell the plane and describes it as follows: "1961, factory built. It is as new. The frame has 1600 hours but the fabric covering has only 75 hours. The engine, a Continental O-200 has also only 75 hours so it is as brand new. I need to sell the plane quick before I get my new plane in beginning of October (hopefully) so I can sell it cheap, only 22,000 Euro. The plane is in Stockholm, Sweden." He also sent three pictures: side view, take-off head-on, take-off side view. For more infos see Sten-Anders' website.
30 Jul 2003 New photos from and, most of them taken by Paul Chandler at the 2003 PFA Fly-In at Kemble Airfield, Gloucestershire, UK, from 11 to 13 July 2003: G-IOSO (s/n 46), D-EINN (s/n 113), G-ASXS (s/n 133), G-AYJA (s/n 150), HB-SEW (s/n 223, at Buttwil, Switzerland), D-EMGH (s/n 480), G-AYYT (s/n 587) and G-AYZK (s/n 590, at Popham, UK). Registrations in bold letters again indicate first known picture of this aircraft.
18 Jul 2003 Some new information via Uwe Malter concerning a few Jodels somehow connected to the airfield at Gauchsdorf, Germany: A photo of Jodel DR.1050 D-EFJR (s/n 286), probably taken at Bernay before delivery, was signed at Gauchsdorf in 1963 by the German S.A.N. dealer Mr. Nietzsche and a few other persons, among which were probably also the future owners. D-EFJR was later exported to Sweden and flies today as SE-XGG. The photo above is the first photo of this s/n with its German registration.
Jodel DR.1050 D-EGWW (s/n 456) was bought new by the FV Schwabach in 1963. Although a brochure from Mr. Nietzsche indicates a different color scheme apparently ordered by the club, this photo might show D-EGWW in almost new condition. The aircraft was later repainted and crashed in 1972/73 while still owned by the club. The two photos are the first of this s/n.
18 Jul 2003 New information collected/found by Uwe Malter: Jodel DR.1050 D-ENEX (s/n 266) crashed in Weiden, Germany in July 1992 and was totally destroyed.
First photo of Jodel DR.1050 s/n 406 found with D-EJFR as registration (Source).
Jodel DR.1050 D-EHKA (s/n 476) sold to Rüdiger Michel of Arnsberg, Germany in April 2003.
17 Jul 2003 New photos from various sites: Jodel DR.1050 SE-XGC (s/n 36) (also a photo of the panel and the interior), Jodel DR.1050 G-AZWF (s/n 130), Jodel DR.1050M1 HB-EUO (s/n 625), and two homebuilts: Jodel DR.1053 F-POLO (s/n 865) and Jodel DR.1050 Sky King VH-NAP (s/n 01-K3). The photo of F-POLO is the first of this aircraft on this site.
03 Jun 2003 A quick visit to Wayne Kilner's site resulted in the following two new pictures: Jodel DR.1050 F-BITA (s/n 52), the first recent photo of this aircraft. The other is the first photo of G-JWIV (s/n 431) after the restoration which must have been completed very recently. Congratulations to owner Chris Fitton for a very good looking Jodel!
26 May 2003 After a long hiatus, I finally found the time to look for Jodel photos at and There were quite a few new photos available, links to which I added to the entries of the respective aircraft. Specifically, these aircraft are:
Jodel DR.1050 G-IOSO (s/n 46),
Jodel DR.105A G-AXLS (s/n 86, photo one, two, three),
Jodel DR.100A G-BFBA (s/n 88),
Jodel DR.105A OO-MAY (s/n 98, destroyed 1990),
Jodel DR.1050 G-ATGE (s/n 114),
Jodel DR.1050 TF-ULV (s/n 119, photo one, two, three, four),
Jodel DR.1050 G-BXYJ (s/n 143),
Jodel DR.1050 D-ENEY (s/n 145),
Jodel DR.1050 G-BGBE (s/n 260),
Jodel DR.1050 G-ATJA (s/n 378),
Jodel DR.1050-M G-BIOI (s/n 477),
Jodel DR.1051 OO-LRF (s/n 511),
Jodel DR.1050 G-BLKM (s/n 519),
Jodel DR.1050-M1 G-BEYZ (s/n 588),
Jodel DR.1050-M1 HB-EUO (s/n 625),
Jodel DR.1050-M F-PYXU (s/n 769, homebuilt),
Jodel Dr.1054-F F-PGUE (s/n 878, homebuilt).
The photos of the aircraft whose registration is in bold characters are the first ones of the respective serial numbers on this site.
22 May 2003 Bill Sherlock, owner of DR.100A G-BFBA s/n 88, sent a nice photo of his aircraft and some information which I added to the entry for the aircraft. Thanks Bill!
28 Apr 2003 Chris Joly, owner of DR.1050 G-AYLL s/n 11, e-mailed to let me know that his aircraft is now back in the air with a fresh CofA after a time of little flying due to business obligations and a move. Thanks for the news, Chris!
22 Nov 2002 Found the first picture of DR.1051-M1 HB-EFT (s/n 619) on the pages of the '3rd Oldtimer Classic of Speed'.
19 Nov 2002 Herbert Jösch sent some info about a Fly-In at Saint-Omer in France which took place this September. At the website of the Aéro-Club de Saint-Omer I found a picture of the homebuilt DR.1051 F-PJBC (s/n 788), which is at home at the Aéro-Club du Beauvaisis, France.
18 Nov 2002 In August, I received a batch of pictures taken by Uwe Malter between 1997 and 2000: D-EDNF (s/n 34, Rerik-Zweedorf, summer 1998, first picture for this aircraft), D-EAFC (s/n 111, Bad Windsheim, summer 1997, first picture for this aircraft), G-ARXT (s/n 355, Epinal, summer 2000), G-AYEH (s/n 455, Epinal, summer 2000) and G-JWBB (s/n 534, Epinal, summer 2000). These pictures have been added to the entries for the respective aircraft.
13 Nov 2002 Added photo to entry for Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur F-OBRJ (s/n 136), found by Uwe Malter on a page describing the history of the Aero Club de Bone which was located at the Aerodrome des Salines, France. The picture is especially interesting because it is in color and was taken just a month after delivery of the aircraft to Alex Périchon by SAN.
08 Nov 2002 Added photo to entry for Jodel DR.1050 Sicile G-AYEW (s/n 443), found by Uwe Malter on
18 Oct 2002 Added photo to the Belgian-registered Jodel DR.1051-M1 Sicile Record OO-CAR (s/n 605), found by Uwe Malter on
08 Oct 2002 A German-registered DR.1050 has changed hands: Harald Borras from Itzehoe, Germany, send an e-mail with some info and photos of D-EJWY (s/n 208), which he bought in June 2002 from Alfred Hansper.
26 Sep 2002 Pierre Duval's immaculate DR.1050 F-BMGK (s/n 572) is for sale on for Euro 31000.
25 Sep 2002 Peter Vercruijsse, Chief Database Editor of sent me an e-mail indicating more DR.100 series pictures in his huge (260000+ photos) database. Accordingly, I have linked these photos to their respective entries in the production list. The aircraft concerned are: G-AXLS (s/n 86), D-EINN (s/n 113), F-BJNT (s/n 196, photo from 1977!), G-ARXT (s/n 355), HB-EEM (s/n 575), G-BEYZ (s/n 588) and G-BYFM (homebuilt, plan s/n unknown).
07 Aug 2002 In late June, Wayne Kilner e-mailed to tell me that he had taken new pictures of DR.100 series Jodels. Today, I finally managed to download them from his Jodel Picture Gallery and add them to the entries of the following aircraft: Jodel DR.1050 G-IOSO, s/n 46, Cranfield, UK; Jodel DR.1050 G-AVOA, s/n 195, Fenland, UK; Jodel DR.1051 G-BEAB, s/n 228, Rochester, UK; Jodel DR.1051-M G-BIOI, s/n 477, Cranfield; and Jodel DR.1050-M1 G-AYZK, s/n 590, also taken at Cranfield. The pictures of G-AVOA and G-BEAB are the first ones I have for these serial numbers. Thanks for letting me use them, Wayne!
07 Aug 2002 Found a picture of G-ARXT shortly after its ground loop at Wellesbourne Mountford in March 1999 at the website of Wellesbourne Mountford Airport and added it to the entry for s/n 355.
07 Aug 2002 Hans Teijgeler notified me that Jodel DR.1050 F-BKHD (s/n 366) was put up for sale on by Yvon Belliot for Euro 50000. Aircraft was previously reported as in storage. This in combination with the high price indicates a recent airframe and engine overhaul.
06 Aug 2002 In early June, Tony Smith offered to send me photos of DR.100 series Jodels taken by him during the last twenty years. With help from his friend Bernard Martin who did the scanning and e-mailing, they sent a dozen photos of the following aircraft:
Jodel DR.1050-M1 OO-IPZ (s/n 002), Wroughton, UK, 03 Jul 1993;
Jodel DR.1050 G-IOSO (s/n 046), Sibsey, UK, 04 Aug 2000;
Jodel DR.1050 G-ATGP (s/n 122), Popham, UK, 14 Apr 1991;
Jodel DR.1050 G-ATAG (s/n 226), Popham, UK, 13 Apr 1986;
Jodel DR.1050 G-AZOU (s/n 354), Wellesbourne Mountford, UK, 26 Jun 1993;
Jodel DR.1050 D-ELSO (s/n 396), Wellesbourne Mountford, UK, 22 Jun 1996;
Jodel DR.1050 EC-AUQ (s/n 421), Cranfield, UK, 05 Jul 1998;
Jodel DR.1050-M G-BIOI (s/n 477), Fenland, UK, 29 Jul 1990;
Jodel DR.1050-M G-BIOI (s/n 477), Fenland, UK, 02 Sep 1998;
Jodel DR.1050 D-ETOI (s/n 483), Cranfield, UK, 05 Jul 1998;
Jodel DR.1050 G-JWBB (s/n 534), Maypole Farm, UK, 16 Jul 1994;
Jodel DR.1050-M1 G-AYZK (s/n 590), Sibsey, UK, 04 Aug 2000.
Tony provided the first photos available to me for s/n 46 (with new reg.), 122, 354, 477, 483 and 590. Both Tony and Martin are members of Air-Britain, an organization of aviation historians and other people interested in rediscovering past aviation history and preserving today's events for the future. Many thanks to both for their effort in providing me with these photos!
16 Jul 2002 While I was away for a few weeks, Walther Popelier, owner of Jodel DR.1050-M1 OO-IPZ s/n 002 sent me a nice e-mail with a few pictures. Later, he sent more (Thanks!) so I set up a seperate page for this aircraft, mostly showing pictures of OO-IPZ taken during the last ten years. Currently, OO-IPZ is disassembled and under restoration.
24 Jul 2002 Wolfgang Kehl wrote an e-mail with information about two DR.100 series aircraft he owns or owned: DR.1050 D-ENFE (s/n 381) was in his posession from 1991 until 1993, and now he owns DR.1050 D-EFIK (s/n 553) since Sep. 2001. He is active in the Aero Club at Illertissen (southern Germany) and has promised to write something about his aircraft in the coming winter!
16 Jul 2002 Walther Popelier also kindly sent a picture of Jodel DR.1050-M1 F-BMZD (s/n 629), taken at Argentan Airfield (France) in the summer of 2000.
21 May 2002 Jodel DR.1051-M1 G-BLUL (s/n 601) put up for sale on Aircraft is currently dismantled but complete. 1280TT, price £ 12500 ono including new Potez with new type ignition and 0 hrs. Contact Will Greenwood, UK.
08 May 2002 F-BLJL (s/n 469) put up for sale on O-200 continental engine, 28 hours potential left. Equipped with NAV/COM, VOR/ADF, VSV, Transponder. New propellor EVRA. Price EUR 15 200. Contact Camille
18 Apr 2002 Jodel DR.1050 F-BJYV (s/n 258) is probably for sale. Probably because in the ad on no registration or serial number is given, but from the home base indicated (St Rambert d'Albon, France (LFLR)) and a list found on a web site of the FNA about the aerodrome at St Rambert d'Albon, it can be deduced that this is the aircraft for sale. Recently overhauled, new engine in 1999, price 190000 Francs (28965 Euro). Check complete description on Hans' web site.
10 Apr 2002 G-AVHL (s/n 90), which was up for sale again since Feb 2002, has been sold to new owners Anthony P. Walsh and Paul J. McMahon.
19 Mar 2002 Added picture of Jodel DR.1050 OE-AOT (s/n 147), taken in 1978 by Karl Schwarzl, Austria. Picture received via Uwe Malter.
11 Mar 2002 A long time ago I got a pack of photocopies from Jörg Spittler. Only now I managed to look through them and add pictures to the following aircraft: F-WIPZ, s/n 2 (now OO-IPZ); F-BJHK, s/n 11 (now G-AYLL); F-WJQM, s/n 27 (before F-BJQM, crashed 1971); F-BJZA, s/n 48; F-BIZU, s/n 54 (Potez-engined prototype, WFU Apr 1985); G-ATGE, s/n 114; F-BJNT, s/n 196; F-BKII, s/n 316; F-BKIT, s/n 329; F-BLMP, s/n 433 (later CN-TVC, WFU May 1975); F-BLJN, s/n 474 (in 1997); F-BLZS, s/n 550; F-BMGZ, s/n 564 (on the cover of Aviasport, Sep. 1964); F-OCEM, s/n 626 (later F-BMEM, WFU Jan 1983); F-PZYK, s/n 757 (homebuilt).
08 Mar 2002 Went through the official UK Registration List and made changes as follows: G-BHOL, s/n 35, new owners since Nov. 2001, hour total updated; G-JODL, s/n 99, new owner since Oct. 2001; G-AZWF, s/n 130, total hours updated; G-BXYJ, s/n 143, total hours updated; G-ATAG, s/n 226, total hours updated; G-AXUK, s/n 292, new owner since Jul. 2001; G-AYKD, s/n 351, new owner since Jan. 2002; G-ARXT, s/n 355, total hours updated; G-AYGD, s/n 515, total hours updated; G-AYLC, s/n 536, total hours updated; G-BHSY, s/n 546, total hours updated; G-BHTC, s/n 581, total hours updated.
27 Feb 2002 Added picture of DR.1050 D-ENJE (s/n 363). D-ENJE was sold to Sweden in 1984 and is now under restoration as SE-XMY by Yard Johansson, Enköping, Sweden.
26 Feb 2002 Added picture of DR.1050 G-ARFT (s/n 170), taken from an old sales brochure of Rollason. Also added picture of DR.1050 G-ARRE (s/n 275) and DR.1050 G-AWWO (s/n 552), both taken by Ian Grove and found on the Yahoo Civil Spotters Aircraft Image Forum. And finally, I added a picture to entry for DR.1050 D-EHHK (s/n 47), found on a private homepage.
26 Feb 2002 Added picture to entry of homebuilt Jodel DR.1050 VH-NAP (s/n 01-K3), taken from Also added pictures taken by Hans Teijgeler at the Schaffen-Diest 2001 Fly-In to the entries of the following aircraft: HB-EAI (s/n 16), OO-PHR (s/n 97) and HB-EEW (s/n 568). Also added picture of DR.1050 G-ARFT (s/n 170), taken from an old sales brochure of Rollason.
14 Feb 2002 Added picture to entry of Jodel DR.1050 HB-EBS (s/n 231), taken from ad at Also now another German-registered DR.1050 for sale by Sönke Bünger on D-EMUE, s/n 359: "Good condition, engine 180 hours left, price EUR 15 500"
30 Jan 2002 Martin Addison reports that Jodel DR.1050 G-ATFD (s/n 311) is hangared at Wickenby Airfield, Scotland. He also mentioned that it is already based there for some time and that it is in excellent condition due to recent overhaul and refurbishment.
21 Jan 2002 Jodel DR.1050 HB-EBS (s/n 231) for sale by by Fernand Iseppi on 2600 hours total, engine 1610 hours since new, price (negotiable) 32000 Euro.

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