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'Unknown' examples of the Jodel DR.100 series

These aircraft were usually found mentioned somewhere on the web (spotters' websites) or in a printed publication.

Unknown DR.100 Series Aircraft
Serial No. Registration Model Year Built by Owner Location Status/Remarks Photo
DR.100 series production and amateur built aircraft with unknown registration and serial number
  F-PDDL DR.100         A homebuilt DR.100 photgraphed at the airfield of St. Omer with unknown serial number (plan number). Plans-built DR.100 F-PDDL at St. Omer
  F-???? DR.100         A French DR.100 of the Association Réseau du Sport de l'Air Mondésir whose registration number is not visible. There is another inaccessible picture of a DR.1053 (Homebuilt) on this page. This link seems to lead to a newer version of this page (with all pictures loading), but it killed my Netscape 4.7 (SGI IRIX 6.5) whereas it worked on a PC with IE. DR.100 of ARSAM in France
    DR.1051 Ambassadeur         Unknown DR.1051 from Hans Teijgeler's Picture Collection.
14 Jan 2002: Hans Teijgeler remembered that the pic shows (then) Tim Couchmans Jodel DR.1051 F-BJUJ, s/n 201, subsequently sold to Nick Bragger in the UK. Check out entry in production list for s/n 201 for complete details.
  D-???? DR.1050 Ambassadeur         Unknown DR.1050 from Hans Teijgeler's Picture Collection. After input from Hans himself, it seems reasonable that the registration is either D-EMON oder D-EMGN, but it is in any case D-EM?N. Any hints about the s/n or the correct registration? (updated 28 Aug 2000). Another picture of the same aircraft. Update 4 Dec 2000: Hans Teijgeler found a picture (2208x1476 pixel, 160 kB) that is believed to be of the panel of this aircraft. Unfortunately, the registration number can't be deciphered, but perhaps somebody can recognize the aircraft by its panel? Unknown DR.1050 - perhaps D-EMON or D-EMGN
DR.100 series production and amateur built aircraft with unknown registration number
225 G-???? DR.1050 Ambassadeur   CEA     ex F-BKGF  
347 TJ-??? DR.1051 Sicile   CEA     ex F-BKPY, TJ-???  
492 G-???? DR.1050-M Excellence   SAN     ex F-BLJX,G-.... Scrapped.  
539 5U-??? DR.1051 Sicile   CEA     ex F-BLZI, 5U-???  
541 D-???? DR.1051 Sicile   CEA     ex F-BLZK, D-????  
559 ???? DR.1051 Sicile   CEA     ex F-BLZV  
DR.100 series production and amateur built aircraft with unknown (official) serial number
  G-BYFM DR.1050-M1 Sicile Record 23 May 2000 ?? Homebuilt P.M.Standen, 17 Meriden Gr, Lostock BL6 4RQ, UK and A.J.Roxburgh, 74 Kinross Close, Fearnhead, Warrington WA2 0VR, UK Barton, UK. Source. Was at Cranfield PFA Rally 2000. Picture from Wayne Kilner's Jodel Picture Gallery. Another picture, scanned from the PFA Magazine and sent in by Dave Thomas on 6 September 2000. Aircraft built with some parts from crashed (unknown) Jodels, the spar being one of them. PFA number PFA/304-13237. DR.1050-M1 G-BYFM, a UK homebuilt with unknown serial number

Lutz Gebhardt

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