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Books and Magazine Articles about Jodel Aircraft

The only book about Jodels still in print: Xavier Masse: Avions Jodel

Another book with a large chapter about Jodels: Bernard Miette and Robert Roussel: Bernay - Ciel d'Histoire

An electronic version of a very interesting five-part article series about "The Jodel Story", written by Frank Rogers in 1996, the fiftiest anniversary of Jodel aircraft, is now available at Hans Teijgelers' webpages under the "General" menu item. This article gives a good overview on the history of Jodel aircraft and is quite detailed.

The following is a list of magazine articles from Frank Rogers posted to the Jodel Mailing List with additions by myself, with the information also mostly taken from individual mailing list postings.

I have added PDF-Versions of four articles originally uploaded to the e-groups files page by Stephen Mercer and Clarke Tate in TIFF-Format - the PDF-Files are somewhat smaller in size and perhaps more people know how to handle the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Magazine Articles about Jodel Aircraft
Aircraft Magazine Issue Titel Author Contents
D.9 Flight 21 Aug. 1953      
  Flying Mar 1959 Flying the Baby Jodel
(PDF, 420 kByte;
Curtis A. Patient Contemporary flight report on the D.9
  Light Aeroplane and Aviation Review Aug. 1967   Stewart McKay About building his D.9
  Jodel News Letter No. 21 March / June 1984      
  (UK) Pilot Nov. 1994     Flight Test/Review of D.92 Bebe
  (UK) Pilot Jul. 2000     Article about Richard Mole's D18 G-TREK
DR.100 Series Aeroplane Nov. 15, 1960      
  Air Pictorial Jan. 1961      
  (UK) Pilot Jun 1970      
  Flyer Nov. 1995      
  Volez! No. 3 (Sep 1997) De l'Ambassadeur au Sicile Record Hughes Joly 2 pages - includes some history on the DR.100 series and a few nice pictures of F-BLMS (s/n 448).
D.117 Air Pictorial Nov. 1959      
D.140 Air Pictorial Jan. 1962      
  Jodel News Letter No. 72      
  (UK) Pilot Mar. 1996     Flight Test/Review
  Aerokurier Jun. 2001     Abstract
D.150 Flight 13 Aug. 1964      
  Air Pictorial Jul. 1964 Air Test No. 51 - Jodel D.150 Mascaret
(PDF, 678 kByte;
The Manager - Air Commodore Chris Paul Flight Review of Mascaret G-ASPG
  Wing Span Sept/Oct. 1987      
  Jodel News Letter No. 24      
  (UK) Pilot Dec. 1995 Jodel D.150 Mascaret
(PDF, 2.7 MByte)
  Flight Test/Review
DR.250 Air Pictorial Aug. 1966      
  Flight 11 Nov. 1965      
DR.250 Experimental Flight June 1966      
DR.253 Flight 28 Dec. 1967      
  Air Enthusiast May 1972      
  Jodel News Letter No. 47      
DR.315/380 Prince Flight 7 May 1970      
DR.340 Major Flight 10 Oct. 1968      
DR400/140 Major (UK) Pilot Oct. 1976      
DR.400/120 Dauphin (UK) Pilot Feb. 1982      
DR.400/160 Knight (UK) Pilot July 1973      
  Jodel News Letter No. 65      
D.20 Jodel News Letter No. 73      
Misc. Jodel News Letter No. 39     List of available Jodel articles including test reports
Various Types (UK) Pilot Aug. 1982     Flight Test/Review
  Kitplanes Aug. 1985 Cranked-Wing Classic
(PDF, 1.76 MByte)
Geoffrey P. Jones An overview on the evolution of the Jodel aircraft.
Falconar     Building ZK-KEA - Falconar F11.3 (PDF, 1 Mbyte) Theo Nightengall Building a Jodel/Falconar in New Zealand - some interesting insight in topics specific to the country.

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