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Bernay - Ciel d'Histoire
by Bernard Miette and Robert Roussel
Format A4, Paperback, 175 pages
(in French language)

published by    Club Aéronautique de l'Arrondissement de Bernay (C.A.A.B.)
Printed by Editions de la Veronne
Pont Audemer

Book seems to be out of print!


This book describes the aviation history in the region around Bernay from the time the field was first used as a landing strip in 1911, when people of Bernay organized a 'fete aerienne', through WWI until the official inauguration of the aerodrome at Bernay-Saint-Martin. With a very active aero club on the field, the C.A.A.B, flying there thrived until WWII broke out and the field was subsequently taken over by the German occupants after the short battle about France. In this time, the Germans expanded the field with hard-surface runways, the remains of which are visible until today. After being used by the advancing British forces towards the end of WWII, the area adapted slowly back to a civil use of the field, and in 1947 there was the first airplane meeting at Bernay after the war.

At this time, an important person begins to place his mark at Bernay: Lucien Querey. He sets up the Societe Aeronautique Normande (S.A.N.), which would produce quite a large number of aircraft (especially Jodels) until it ceased operations after some heavy setbacks in 1968. The logo of SAN is faintly visible until today on the large building adjacent to the road running by the field. After SAN closed, Avions Mudry took over the facilities and also produced several type sof aircraft, among them the well-known CAP 10 aerobatic trainer seen on the book cover. Today, there are two newer hangars at the field and the old facilities are deserted, so there are still companies doing business at Bernay. The C.A.A.B. also remains very active at the field, with emphasis on aerobatic instruction.

The book tells the story above very vividly, with great detail and many black & white pictures. The printing quality of the pictures is sometimes poor, but still I'd consider the book a must-have for every Jodel enthusiast.

Cover of the book by Bernard Miette and Robert Roussel

Lutz Gebhardt

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