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Avions Jodel
by Xavier Massé
ISBN 2-7233-0520-1
Paperback, 205 pages
(in French language)

published 1996 by    Nouvelles Editions Latines
1 Rue Palatine
75006 Paris
Phone: +33 1 43 54 77 42
Fax: +33 1 43 29 69 81

The book can also be ordered online from by following the "Avion" link in the menue frame to the left. Payment for foreign (non-French) customers is only possible by Visa or Eurocard. Delivery was quick and the book arrived in good condition (summer 2000).

Summary: The book describes the history of the Jodel aircraft and the people behind them, from the first Jodel, the D1 of 1936, to the modern DR.400 series still in production today by Avions Robin and, not to forget, the many homebuilt types developed by Jodel. A separate chapter is devoted to each type, in which the evolution of the aircraft and the people along with it is described. This is complemented by photo sections with b/w as well as color photographs of Jodel aircraft, both pictures taken recently of surviving aircraft as well as original pictures from the files of Jean Délémontez and other persons directly involved. Included are also three view sketches of the aircraft and a few cartoons. The book closes with a production year listing of the various models and a short biography about the most important people involved with the history of the Jodel aircraft types.

Cover of the book by Xavier Masse

Lutz Gebhardt

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