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Page index for individual Jodel DR.100 series aircraft

Since starting the Jodel DR.100 series aircraft registration list in early 2000, I have received stories and/or multiple pictures for a few aircraft in the list. Because it is difficult to accommodate that much information in a single table row, I have decided to create individual pages for aircraft for which there is a lot of interesting information and/or pictures available. These pages are accessible through a link to the serial number in the table below and the main registration list. In the future, I will create such pages when I receive suitable information about a single aircraft from contributors (that could be YOU!) or when I have gathered enough information and photos so the limited space in the main list becomes cramped. So, as you might have guessed by now - contributions always welcome!

To suit the needs/limitations of users with different Internet access speeds, the pictures on the following pages are displayed as thumbnails to reduce loading time. Click on the links to see the photo in full size.

Jodel DR.100 Series - Individual Aircraft Pages
Serial No. Registration Model Year Built by Current Owner Location Status/Remarks Photo
002 OO-IPZ DR.1050-M1 Sicile Record 1958 CEA Walther Popelier Lille Marcq-en-Baroeul, France (LFQO) ex F-WIPZ, F-BIPZ, OO-IPZ. Flying. Page infos and most photos supplied by the current owner. OO-IPZ
025 F-BJLP DR.1051-M1 Sicile Record 09/1960 CEA Jörg Spittler Mainz-Finthen, Germany (EDFZ) Flying again since summer 2003. Page infos and photos supplied by the current owner. F-BJLP
209 D-EABT DR.1050 Ambassadeur 1961 CEA Herbert Joesch Koblenz-Winningen (EDRK), Germany ex F-BJUI, D-EABT(2). Page infos supplied by the current owner, Herbert Joesch. D-EABT
222 SE-XDF DR.1050 Ambassadeur completed 26 Sep 1961 CEA Peter Lindberg and Tomas Pira (since summer 2000). Hallviken airport (ESNA), Sweden Flying. Page infos and photos supplied by Peter Lindberg 29 Sep 2000. SE-XDF
610 HB-EEN DR.1051-M1 Sicile Record 1965 CEA   Birrfeld, Switzerland (LSZF) Flying. Page infos and photos supplied by Gerald Völk. HB-EEN

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