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Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur SE-XDF s/n 222

Peter Lindberg's and Tomas Pira's Jodel DR.1050 SE-XDF, about 1980

On 29 September 2000, I received the following per e-mail from Peter Lindberg:


Exellent website you have here!

My name is Peter Lindberg and i Live in Sweden. Earlier this summer, Me and a friend of mine ( Tomas Pira ), bought a Jodel together. Since then, some time ( meaning the time we not have been spending flying the plane), have been spent on the web locking for information and stuff regarding the jodels. We found many very good sites and of course The Jodel Web ring. Gradually we found your site and the DR.100 series list. Of course our aircraft was listed there. The fact that you done such a great job to list all these aircraft and all the information about them gave us the idea that maybe you wanted to update your site with new information if it was easily obtained. My intention therefore with this mail is to try to assist with little information about the aircraft ( new owners, if not anything else). The aircraft is a Jodel DR. 1050 Ambassadeur with registration SE-XDF. It is built by CEA in 1961 and was completed 26 of September that year, with serialnumber 222. The early history of the aircraft in France and Denmark is to us unknown. The aircraft where bought and brought to sweden from Denmark by Sören Schmidt in April 1979. In September, same year, he sold it to Stanislaw Kozicynski, which owned the plane until may 1980. Then Rolf Fregelin bought it and flew it untill Sven-Erik Pira ( The father of Tomas Pira ), purchased it in December 1982. The aircraft was then stationed at Hallviken airport (ESNA), in northen sweden, which is our home base, until he sold it to Assefash Awoke, Märsta 1988. The home base then became Barkarby.

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Hallviken Airport (ESNA) in Sweden, a nice GA airfield with a 3280 ft asphalt runway, home of the Strömsunds Flygklubb and SE-XDF.

My first contact with this aircraft was in 1983 when Sven-Erik Pira educated me on the aircraft type. I flew it a couple of hours and never forgot how nice the aircraft was. Tomas Pira, my partner in ownership of the aircraft, practically grew up in the aircraft and he also have had the same feelings about Jodels in generally and, of course, this one in particularly. So, when it came to our knowledge that the aircraft was for sale this summer, we did not hesitate to buy it. We became owners of the aircraft in June and have logged some 20 hours each since then ( we have had the worst weather in years this summer, just heavy rain all summer). The new home base is again Hallviken airport (ESNA) Pos, 63.44.18N, 15.27.32E. The aircraft is in pretty good condition with a total time of 2300 hours. Some restoration is done (new fabric), and some modifications is done (instrument panel) . Our ambition is to restore it to exellent condition and rebuild it back in to, so close to original condition as possible while still having it flying. The engine is a Continental O-200 with 250 hours since overhaul which runs a Hoffman propeller. Unfortunately the only picture we have to this date is a picture that is some 10 years old, but it looks all the same to day. As you can see from the picture, the aircraft is equipped with ski's (Works exellent, in the winter that is!), and this really open up a new dimension to flying in this region of northern Sweden. Here we have many lakes wich are frosen during the winter, thus providing airfields everywhere. Well, i hope this information can be of some use for your exellent site. It's not much but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me and i try to answer. You might also take a look at the homepage (Swedish language only), of the Flying club that we are members in. The adress is:

Best regards

Peter Lindberg"

Lutz Gebhardt

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