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Having wanted to create a little page with a list of updates to my website for almost three years now, I have finally managed to fill the 'What's new?' link in the menue with life. From now on I will list additions and major changes on this page, so that recurring visitors can check here if they can find something new. Changes to the Jodel DR.100 series production list will not be mentioned here as there is a seperate page for this.

Date Change/Addition/News item
17 Jul 2003 After the webserver of the institute where these pages reside has been offline since June 10 due to hardware problems, these have been fixed now and my website is therefore also up and running again.

Lutz Gebhardt

Created: Thu Jul 17 19:32:49 CEST 2003
Last modified: Thu Jul 30 19:39:17 CEST 2003