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1962 Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur D-EHIE - Historical Information


With time, I will try to compile some interesting information and pictures about the history of D-EHIE on this page. While I have the complete maintenance documents ("L-Akte") of the aircraft, I am unfortunately still missing the first two logbooks (the third and current one starts in 1991) as well as the original pilot's manual and maintenance inctructions for aircraft and engine, in case something like that even existed. So if anyone reading this has information about the plane or the missing documents of even photos of days gone by - please contact me!

Purchase, delivery and certification in Germany - new 28 June 2000
With thumbnail pictures of forms and documents, about 160 kByte.

Operational History:

D-EHIE operating hours (total and per year)

Past owners:

Past Owners
Year(s) Owner
1961-1962 Jodel DR.1050 D-EHIE s/n 291 was bought by S. M. Nitzsche from S.A.N., Bernay, France for
Rudolf Hiendl
Möbelhaus Hiendl ??
Große Klingergasse 4
1963 Rudolf Hiendl
Große Klingergasse 4
- and/or ? -
Flugsportverein Passau-Pocking e. V.
1964-1971 Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Werner Jurck
Deichslerstraße 4, later: Farnstraße 18
8500 Nürnberg
1972-1973 Rudolf Meindl
Nürnbergerstraße 39
8540 Schwabach
28 April 1974 - 27 November 1983 Herbert Stompe
Sollbacherstraße 22
???? Josef Stangl
1986 - March 2000 Werner Schweiger
Eichenweg 11
from March 2000 Lutz Gebhardt
Rosenstraße 8
D-66265 Heusweiler

Lutz Gebhardt

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