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Welcome to my Aviation Pages!

[02 July 2007] Dear visitors & friends:

Well, what I said below almost three years ago didn't quite turn out that way, but more on that in a few months. At the moment I put this note here to let you know that I had to move the site. Therefore, some pages will not be available for some time due to webspace size constraints, some links will be broken and the like. I try to get a referral from the old site location put in place, but I can't promise that at the moment. I hope you still find the site useful - if you are missing something that is currently unavailable drop me a note and I'll try to put it up again.

See you soon -- Lutz

[15 August 2004] Dear visitors & friends:

More frequent visitors to these pages may have noted the lack of updates during the last 6 or 8 months. Perhaps some who sent me an e-mail also wondered why they did not get an answer, which is not very nice, I have to admit. But since fall 2003 things were just too busy and I had to set up priorities. The reason for all those delays is the fact that I was job hunting last fall and then finally found a new job at DLR Braunschweig starting December 1, 2003 - without 'interruption' by a few days off after the end of my time at IAG on November 30. The implications of the new job and two moves to Bremen in the north of Germany (temporarily) and then later to Braunschweig required all my spare time so I had to put maintenance of the website on the back burner. Now things are improving slowly with regard to my free time, and I plan on returning to update the website regularly again, as well as answering e-mails within a few days again. To all who wrote and did not get an answer, I would like to apologize. Their e-mails have not been lost, and I am going to answer them in the coming weeks as time allows. Keep those e-mails coming!

Happy flying & surfing! -- Lutz

Here you will find mainly aviation related things, with emphasis on my Jodel DR.1050 D-EHIE, Aviation Photography and other miscellaneous aviation stuff. Not everything is quite ready, but I'll try to make the 'dead' links into 'live' links as fast as my free time and my other interests allow. So feel free to browse around and check if you can find something that is of interest to you. If you have any comments, suggestions or additions you would like to contribute to my site, I would be glad to hear from you - just send me an e-mail. But now enough said -


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Below you will find something like an index page with additional information on stuff that hides behind the links in the navigation frame at the left (Items with green headlines are not yet available). To get back here, click on the "Aviation Home" link in the navigation frame. The three columns below represent the three major subjects of this site, written in bold face in the navigation frame. If you click on one of them in the navigation frame, a new navigation frame with the sub-items listed will be loaded.

Jodel Pages
My Jodel DR.1050 D-EHIE
Operating Cost
Home Base
DR.100 Series List
A list of all DR.100 series aircraft ever built (homebuilts too, at least the ones I know about), info about their current status, pictures etc.
What's new in the list?
DR.100 Series Statistics
The list above reduced to the number of aircraft splitted by countries and the number of aircraft still flying/no longer flying.
Unknown DR.100 Series A/C
Pictures of DR.100 series aircraft for which the registration and/or serial number are not yet known. Once I know them, the pictures will be moved to their corresponding entry in the list above.
Pages about individual aircraft
An index page with a table of aircraft for which detailed information and/or pictures (on a separate page) is available.
Added s/n 2 on 24 Jul 2002
AD's and SB's (partially)
Flight Manuals
Maintenance Manuals (so far for carb only)
Pre-Purchase (not yet) & Annual Check Lists
Official Forms (Change of ownership, application for radio station license)
Potez 4E20 Engine Manual
Jodel D.120 maintenance schedule
Other miscellaneous stuff ...
Restauration Information
Paint schemes
Instrument panel styles
Logos, decals and stencils
(Updated Feb. 2002)
Info on where to find books and magazine articles about Jodel aircraft.
Sources for Spare Parts and Services
Tips on where to get those hard-to-find replacement parts and addresses of companies that provide services (seat belt/engine overhaul etc.).
Additional Equipment
Gadgets and safety equipment for your aircraft - not only Jodels
Links to Jodel Pages
Links to other Jodel pages, some of which are not part of the Jodel Web Ring
Jodel R/C Model Infos
Info on where to get models and plans for R/C Jodel Aircraft
Aviation Home
Aviation Photography
Nordenbeck Fly-In 2000
Some photos from a little Jodel/Vintage aircraft Fly-In in the middle of Germany.
(new 12 June 2001)
Santa Paula Airport
Some info and photos about a great little airport in Southern California, approx. 100 mi north of LA
Point Mugu Air Show 1992
Pictures from one of the first Air Shows I visited
Chance-Vought F4U Corsair
Detailed photos of my favorite warbird
Hahnweide Air Show 1998
Other Aviation Stuff
An Avtek 400 Tribute
Information about one of the many canard-wing designs of the early 1980s. The Avtek 400 was a twin-turboprop business aircraft which unfortunately never made it into production, despite some very promising performance figures.
Sources for Registration Information
Links to sites with registration information, spotters sites and also some picture sites where one could check if a particular aircraft does still exist.
Single Engine Piston Aircraft
Information about single engine piston aircraft currently in production.
Airplanes that didn't make it
Ever wondered what happened to some of the aircraft you saw in magazine articles and advertisements over the years? For some, the answer is here.
Aircraft Buying
Infos on finding, inspecting and buying an aircraft, about some associated pitfalls, documents and forms you need etc. At the moment due to lack of other information mainly applicable to the situation in Germany.
Aircraft Homebuilding in Germany
Infos on homebuilding resources, links and what is involved in building an aircraft yourself in Germany.
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