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Nordenbeck Jodel & Vintage Aircraft Fly-In 2000

1/2 July 2000 - Nordenbeck Airfield (EDGN)

Newspaper Article about the Fly-In. Click for printable PDF-version (1.2 MByte)

South side of Nordenbeck airfield with hangars and buildings alongside the runway

After finally receiving the paperwork completing the sale from the LBA and doing my checkout in Heidi in late June, this was the first Fly-In I attended with Heidi. As usual, I was a bit late in getting under way, so it was already early afternoon when I arrived at Nordenbeck after an approx. 2-hour flight. All the buildings at the airfield are neatly tucked in the forest at the south side of the runway, which is also where the already arrived aircraft were parked. So I didn't recognize the grass runway immediately - only after having flown past it. Both approach ends to the runway are reasonably clear of obstacles and the runway is in fair shape, so the landing was uneventful. Later in the afternoon, the weather had deteriorated very much, and in the evening it started to rain. Therefore most of the aircraft shown in the following pictures have their canopy-covers already donned. This picture, taken next morning, is proof that the weather didn't improve over the night. The low clouds lifted only well past noon. The aircraft visible in this picture are Jodel DR.1050 D-EKMA (s/n 380) with their new owners Stürzel/Schmidt from Kempten and my DR.1050 D-EHIE s/n 291 on the right.

Jodel D.120 D-EABU s/n 205 (ex F-BKCU)

Jodel D.120 D-EABU s/n 205 (ex F-BKCU), owned and restored by Horst Bless. Note the paint scheme similar to Herbert Jösch' Jodel DR.1050 D-EABT, which was also restored by Horst Bless (who is tanding in front of the plane, partially hidden by propeller and cowling).

Jodel DR.1050-M1 D-EYAS (s/n AB834M)

The only homebuilt DR.1050 in Germany, Erich Siebentritt's D-EYAS, which is flying since August 1999.

Jodel DR.1050 D-ECZC (s/n 28)

D-ECZC (s/n 28), the Jodel DR.1050 belonging to Fly-In organizer Georg Klein and his partners. Being the third oldest surviving DR.1050 in Germany (first registered 10/1960), this aircraft will undergo a complete restauration in the winter of 2000/2001. Georg Klein, one of the organizers of the Fly-In, and a partner in the aircraft (left person) are standing behind the wing in this picture.

Jodel DR.1050 D-ECZC (s/n 28)

Georg and his partner in D-ECZC preparing for a local flight.

Jodel DR.1050 D-EFTS (s/n 397)

Max and Brigitte Waldmann's Jodel DR.1050 D-EFTS (s/n 397), like D-EKMA also based at Kempten-Durach airfield in Germany (EDMK). The little building above the tail of D-EFTS is the 'control tower' for the airfield.

These are the aircraft I managed to get pictures of during the Fly-In. Quite a few more aircraft attended the event despite the unfavourable weather - the newspaper article shown at the top of the page talks about 40 aircraft, the oldest being a a Piper J3C Cub from 1941, followed by the deHavilland Tiger Moth from 1942. Other participating Jodel aircraft not pictured were Jodel D.117A D-ECUP, Jodel D.150 Mascaret D-ELIA, Jodel DR.1050 D-EABT, Jodel D.150 Mascaret D-ELBB, and Jodel DR.1050 D-EAKM.

In the evening all crews had a good time, with plenty to eat and drink available. The next morning, there was no need and no possibility for quickly leaving the scene, as fog/low clouds made departures impossible until the early afternoon. So there was more opportunity to exchange stories and do some hangar flying during an extended breakfast.

I was among the last to leave around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, with the weather still not perfect but easily flyable. Hoping for better weather for next years' Fly-In, so more participants will show up for this nice Fly-In in the middle of Germany. How about you?

Lutz Gebhardt

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