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Update 14 Nov 2000: In an e-mail to me, Robin Sauvary mentioned Howard Curtis 'AirNet' Links Site. After checking it out, I have to say that he has compiled a great collection of links regarding many things aeronautical - among much more also a page with registration lists from all over the world, sorted by country. There you can probably find most of the links below and many many more. So if you are looking for something exotic - like the Civil Aircraft Register of Burkina Faso, check out his site!

Books with Aircraft Registration Information:

[LAAS78] Anonymous: West Germany. LAAS International Publication, 7th edition, May 1978, ISBN 0 85075 016 4.

Sources for Aircraft Registration Information:

Sources with information on the 'travels' of specific airplanes (spotter's sites, air show listings etc.):

Sources for (general aviation) accident information:

Lutz Gebhardt

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