Description of storm damage for Jodel DR.1050 OY-GPD

DR1050 project

Aircraft damaged by storm, 3. dec 1999. Hangar doors blown down and aircraft flipped on the back. Aircraft was in good condition before damage.

Serial # 528 year 1963.

Engine: RR Continental O-200 2750 hours SNEW 1564 hours SMOH all papers. Pull type starter with new starter clutch at 1470 SMOH. Minor deformation of air intake filter housing. Presently conserved and stored in heated room.

Aircraft is standard with no modifications. Interior black skai - seats in good condition. Nav lights, seperate landing and taxi lights. Hydraulic brakes. Good exhaust system. One good tyre - one brand new.

Instruments includes:

The following damage is observed:

Fuselage: Canopy destroyed including frame. Minor damage on wood on top of instrument panel (3 x 6 cm) rear fuselage destroyed and missing from app. 0,5 m from behind cockpit. Alle formers for rear fuselage available and almost undamaged.
Rudder: Minor damage to covering. Hinges and rear 0.5 m of fuselage available.
Tailplane: Elevator almost undamaged. Tailplane has large damage to both tips. Hinges and fittings undamaged.
Propeller and spinner: damaged.
Engine cowling: Lower part broken/cracks near air intake. Repairable. Upper part minor damage but in bad condition.
Wing: 3 impacts on leading edge, no holes but needs repair. Scratches on RH tip. 4 ribs broken.Rib broken in the bending area of the RH wing. Impact on one airbrake. Glass on landing light (plexi) broken. One nav light glass broken. Several minor holes in cover.
Landing gear: RH landing gear upper/outer leg bent. No damage to mounting/wing. Wheel covers broken/cracked.

Airplane and engine has full paperwork and all logs.

A new upper engine cowl (not fitted) is included. (worth 200 Euro)

Price: 8500 Euro

Located in Denmark. Aircraft is dismantled and stored dry.

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Lutz Gebhardt

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